As a landlord, you have a fundamental responsibility to adhere to habitability requirements. You need to keep your property in good condition so your tenants can live there safely. Most owners don’t always know about this legal responsibility, so today we’re talking about what you need to know when it comes to Bay area rental management and habitability standards.

Marin County Property Management: Civil Code

In California, rental property owners must be in compliance with all state and local housing standards, and there is an established section in the Civil Code that addresses this. Civil Code Section 1941.1-3 is included in the State Housing Law and the Uniform Housing Code. There are several critical requirements.

Marin County Rental Management: Habitability Requirements

The property must be weatherproofed and waterproofed, and the plumbing must be in good working order and connected to water and sewage. Hot water must be provided and the system has to be capable of producing water up to 110 degrees. Heating is important as well, because we can have cold winters in California. You must be able to heat every room to 70 degrees. Another requirement is that the electrical system is in good working order.

Make sure there are no rodent or insect infestations in the garbage or the places people live. You also have to make sure the garbage and recycling containers are in good condition and free of insects and rodents. Make sure there are deadbolt locks on the doors and locks on the windows.

Every dwelling must have a working toilet and a bathtub or a shower. The bathroom must be ventilated how-to-keep-your-rental-property-in-habitable-condition-marin-property-management-tipsand allow for privacy. A working kitchen is also important with a working sink. You need to have natural light in every room through windows and skylights.

This is a large list, but it suggests the laws that you must follow to keep your property habitable. If you have any questions about habitability issues or anything pertaining to Bay Area property management, please contact us at Bayside Property Management.